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Presentation of Elijah's case.

 Here is Elijah's case once more.

Elijah Abdullah 90T0937
Collins Correctional Facility No 2
P.O.Box 340
Collins, New York 14034 - 0340

To Whom it May Concern.
My name is Elijah Abdullah (I was born with the name Albert D.Hinton, ,but later changed my name for religious reasons) and I am a 46 year old man, who has been incarcerated for 19 going on 20 years .
In October 1989 I stabbed a man in selfdefence , believing he was going to kill me, bending down to pick up, what I thought was a weapon, as he had attacked and threatened to kill me the last nine days prior to that fateful day. And unfortunately I had a knife in my pocket. A knife I’d just removed from the daughter of my commonlaw wife , his own stepdaughter's schoolbag , before sending her off to school. A knife , she’d taken, I think , to be able to protect herself against him, should he look her up at school!
My partner had two protection orders against him, and we had filed many complaints against him for attacking and threatening us, but all the evidence of these were withheld during my trial ….by my own defense counselor! And the prosecutor of course.
I did not intend to kill him, I panicked, and I was the one calling an ambulance for him, but due to unfortunate circumstances: Two medical attendants came, the first left again believing him to be dead , and it therefore took 40 minutes to bring him to hospital,after the second ambulance had arrived.
Where during a procedure aimed at saving him, he died, having been brought in too late.
The medical examiner falsified a report, a report which is in complete contradiction of the findings made in the description of the operating procedure aimed at saving his life.
An "eyewitness" suddenly turned up, claiming she’d watched the incident from a kitchen window, a position she changed twice, as the first window she’d indicated wasn’t even turning towards the place, where it happened. She also changed the description of the event, changing what I said, where the deceased was, how he was positioned, from saying he was sitting to him standing, as she found out that her statement otherwise would contradict the "findings" of the medical examiner, and even changed her name, every time she was interviewed, all approved by the prosecution, to help hide her identity, and the fact that not only was she a convicted criminal , she was a wanted criminal too!
And in June 1990 I was convicted by a jury of the crimes: Murder in the 2.nd degree and Possesion of a Weapon in Richmond County of Staten Island. The judge, who presided over my case vas Charles R.Kuffner, the prosecutor mr Kevin MdKeron and my defense attorney mr John L.Collins.
Even though I can prove, that not only did I act in selfdefence, but the grounds on which I am convicted are falsified.
My sentence was / is 25 years to life.
I have all the proof to prove, that not only am I innocent of the Crime of Murder in the 2nd. Degree, but that the Trial Court Justice, the Prosecutor, my Defense Counsel, all knew I was innocent, but all entered into a conspiracy together to cover up my innocence ,to have me convicted wrongly under false indictment number 357/89, and none of these facts were ever exposed to a jury or the family of the deceased to this day.
The reason for this being because of my past crime of burglary in the 3rd degree ( see Exhibit 1), But I never went into peoples' houses, only their garages, I did not want to harm anyone.
The deceased ( whose name was Richard Dean Heath) was previously involved with the woman , I was living with, (her name was Judith Baron), and Ms. Baron had had him arrested ,and had had 2 orders of protections issued against him for his abusive and violent behaviour.(see exhibit 1)
Mr Heath had been serving 8 months on Rikers Island after having been convicted of Robbery 2nd degree, and it was upon the release( after this on September 25.th 1989, that he immediately began to attack both ms Baron and I.
We both called the 120th Police Precinct to report these incidents. Once we were even attacked by him on the Court House steps next to the Police Precinct. Also then did we immediately report this to the police.
We were repeatedly attacked and threatened by the deceased and repeatedly made police complaints/reports(see exhibit 2,3,4), but the police did nothing but take our complaints, and say they would arrest him, if they found him. I can prove that on the day before mr Heath’s death , I called the police. This was October 4th, 1989 and the call was made to 36 Caroline st. of Staten Island.
A total of at least 8 complaints were made by both Judith Baron and myself in the 9 days after mr, Heaths’ release from prison ( see exhibits # 2,3,4 ).
During the trial, I can now also prove , that Judith Baron was called by the Prosecution to testify against me!
And that she testified under duress, as she was receiving death threats from the Heath family, and filed a complaint about this, a complaint which has been withheld for 17 years, the precinct denying its’ existence even after a court order was issued for them to produce it in 1992. ( see exhibit A, p2.)
I can prove that because of these threats against her, she lied in the witness stand against me, when asked, if she was visited by mr Heath, she answered "No, he didn’t get a chance to", but look at Exhibit 5, where not only did she receive a visit from him, she also called the police under the order of protection.
She again lied on the stand , when she was asked , if she ever saw an incident, where mr Heath attacked her and me at the family Court. She said "No, I didn’t see it" But please look at exhibits 2 and 3 .
Not only did mrs Baron lie about seeing Mr. Heaht attack myself, but he did it at her front door, and she complained about it under the Order of Protection, that she’d had issued against him.
Her reason for lying is to be found in exhibit 6.
Which is another complaint made by ms Baron to the police, that her life was being threatened by the family of the deceased, saying " You’re dead" the day after mr.Heaths' death.(exhibit6A, p 1 and 2). I alerted both the prosecutor and justice presiding, that ms Baron was lying , because she was being threatened ,and that my attorney was suppressing these facts, but no investigations were made, I myself have requested this complaint since 1990. Only to be told it did not exist. Even under a court order, the precinct denied having it.
In 2007 I again filed a F.O.I.L. Request and finally in March 2008 I received the complaints made by ms Baron in 1989.
Suppressed and withheld from me for 19 years!!!!
Here is a quote from Wikipedia regarding self-defense:
Non-criminal homicide
Main article: Justifiable homicide
Homicides do not always involve a crime. Sometimes the law allows homicide by allowing certain defenses to criminal charges. One of the most recognized is self defense, which provides that a person is entitled to commit homicide to protect his or her own life from a deadly attack.
My defense counsel chose to present the defense of justification to the jury , but did not ever present any of all of these complaints to the court ,nor the jury.
Though the evidence was there, he refused to obtain it, I’ve done that in the following years, though all of my witnesses except Ms. Baron testified to the fact, that the man attacked me time and again, the jury was instructed to only consider the so-called eyewitness’ testimony, even though it was not only self-contradictory:I can now prove with the help of Google Map , that noone could see anything from the window, that Brenda Brown allegedly saw, what I did. The photos are being published shortly.Brenda Brown's own sister in law even said, that she was the one watching it, not Brenda Brown, the prosecution's eyewitness, whom she said was in a backroom!
In spite of this inconsistency , the judge still said, that my guilt was proven beyond any doubt.
In fact my attorney deliberately suppressed these documents, though he was presenting a defense of justified homocide ( Penal Law 15.15 and Penal law 35.00) to the court and the jury.
When I alerted the judge to the fact , that my attorney had this information, but deliberately suppressed it ( as I said, I repeatedly asked him to produce it) from both the court and the jury, the judge said to me in a moment without the jury, but still being taken to record: " It is not what a person has done, that matters , but what community wants " .
Can you tell me, how a person can even begin to be called just , presenting such a remark??
And I have it on record.
That was the same as saying, that all the evidence in the world was of no importance, only that what society wanted was. Which he proved beyond any doubt…. was to have me put away!
Regardless of evidence!
This same judge later instructs the jury that "the people have proven their case beyond any reasonable doubt, that the defendant was not acting in selfdefence, you need not deliberate on the defendants’ contention of justification any longer".(Exhibit 6).
Which is effectively denying the jury the right to consider the claim of selfdefence.
In fact I have proof that , outside the jury’s presence ,I continuously tried to alert the court, that I could prove, that medical negligence was the actual cause of death.That and the fact that the deceased was under the influence of a massive dose of cocaine, causing his body to collapse under stress from a knife wound , which under ideal circumstances was not lethal. I stabbed him, yes, but I did it in panic in selfdefence, and caused a stab wound, which if treated correctly would not have been fatal. False documents were filed, which lied about the true cause of death , I have doctors’ reports, autopsy and medical records to prove my innocence, and can prove the medical examiner, Dr. Kany Verany was filing a false death certificate. I alerted the court, that my attorney was again suppressing these exculpatory documents too.
The judge said and did nothing, but allowed the prosecutor to knowingly place a witness on stand, who not only committed perjury, but filed a false report. To this day the Heath family does not know what was the actual cause of their sons’s death. They think, I killed him because of her "testimony".
Even though I have this evidence, I have not put it I into any motions. When you have a judge, who is not listening to your telling him, that your lawyer is suppressing overwhelming evidence of your innocence and does nothing, what good would it then do to submit a motion to him?
I have proof, that outside the jury’s presence, I again alerted the court, that the prosecutor’s witness and detective Carl Kuhn was not only committing perjury, but intentionally withheld the so-called eyewitnes’ prior statement, which was exculpatory to myself ( By saying that she actually was in a position, where she could not see the incident) and could prove, that the witness was committing perjury, having changed her statement entirely from her prior statement to the detective. And that the prosecutor was well aware of this.
The prosecutor knowingly lied to the court and said the only statements made by his witnesses, were turned over to the defense. The judge ignored me , again.
But I have that other first statement made to the detective, which the prosecutor denied having in his possession. And I have it from the prosecution. I had it later, after the trial, again.
My attorney said and did nothing.
I have myself on record, outside of the jury’s presence, requesting the prosecutor’s eyewitness’ arrrest record, where the prosecutor lied and informed the court, thar there were no arrest convictions, even though the eyewitness herself testified, that she’s been arrested!
The prosecutor also not only withheld the information , that the witness was a wanted fugitive the day, she testified against me, but also helped her lie by swearing her in 3 times under 3 different names to help her hide her identity.
That she’s been convicted is even on record:
The witness at the trial, when asked stated the following:
"Mrs. Brown, were you ever convicted of a crime?"
" Yes, I was"
"What was that?"
"Destructing a store"
" You were obstructing a store(!?)"
After that there was side-bar conversation, and nothing further happened, the "witness" was allowed to continue her statement.
Her arrest record is still being hidden by the prosecutors’ office, but to prove I speak the truth, I ask you, the reader to run a check on the name: Brenda Brown of 1075 Castleton Ave, 5th.floor, Staten Island, N.Y. 10310 and watch the AKAs, that appear under her name.
I do not have to date, Ms Browns' arrest record,but 3 years after I was convicted I requested and received a copy of a fax, actually the fax, which the prosecutor received himself on the day, I asked for Ms.Browns arrest record during trial.I received a document stating that:
Ms. Brown was a wanted fugitive under Docket #90K027662 Central warrants, phone #(212)619 -5293.
She had a NY ID # 4683422R for larceny.
That her rap sheet is listed to be 10 pages long!
Further more the Ms Brown has an FBI # 53812AA5.
Both the NY ID and FBI numbers are only appointed to convicted persons.
Her DOB is 10/25/1963.
Anyone can check her.
The prosecutor hid her identity and arrest record to hide the fact , that he made a deal of some sort with her to testify (the warrants are still outstanding, maybe they were the negotiating material?), and the fact that he lied about her criminal record is proof that her entire testimony was nothing but perjury.
None of this was known to the jury, but I did notify the judge, neither he, nor my attorney did anything.
I had known her for years, , which she did not hide during her testimony. She still lives right around the corner from my mother, and I knew, that she had an arrest record.
I got so frustrated at no one taking me seriously, least of all my own defense counsel, that I hit him.
I know, I shouldn’t have done it, I became famous for refusing to be in the courtroom after that. But I did not see any reason for being in the courtroom, as it was obvious to me that I was being " railroaded"!
I requested a new jury, this was also denied.
But though it is so very wrong to attack a defense counsel, that shouldn’t condemn you to life in prison!
I have proof that the Police Plaza of New York has been withholding documents, which can also prove my innocence for over 18 years now, but are refusing under a court order to provide them.
In 1992 with the Police Departments own rebuttal brief, I proved in an Article 78 proceeding filed by myself, that exculpatory documents were being held by the Police Department, and they have been lying about them for years.
The judge Hon. Carmen C Beauchamp ordered the Police Department in 1993 to turn them over, and to date they have refused to comply. Saying the documents do not exist.
For what I have mentioned is only the tip of the iceberg so to speak ,of the corruption, that took place in my case.
Lastly , I am enclosing the medical Autopsy Report of deceased..(exhibit 7,p1-4)
Note: This Autopsy was done by Dr Kany Virani on 10/6/89.
Secondly, under New York State law in cases of Homicide, what is supposed to be filed, is actually a medico-legal report, and not an autopsy medical report.
Which is a very significant difference.
On page 4 of the medical report, the M.E. states the cause of death is a stab wound to the chest penetrating the heart.
One would believe death to be instantaneous in such a case.
Actually that is what all medical science states: That a stab wound to the most vital part of the heart, the left ventricle is always fatal instantaneously.
Now in the report the stab wound is reported to go through the skin, the large chest muscle, through the pericardial sac into the right ventricle through the intraventricular septum in the upper part and ends in the left ventricle.
In the conclusion it is stated that the stab wound caused a perforation of the right ventricle!
In the report when going through the different organs, it is stated that the pericardial sac has already been opened during the surgery aimed at saving the life of the deceased.
How can the medical examiner establish beyond any reasonable doubt that the injury caused to the heart was caused by the stabbing, and not by the surgery performed on the deceased aimed at saving his life???And in spite of all medical facts stating , that it is impossible to survive more than 1 minute with such a wound, the medical examiner testified, that it is possible to survive with a left ventricle penetration! In this case!!
However, please look at page 2 describing the pathway of the stab wound . The stab wound is alleged to go between the 2nd and 3rd intercostal space of the rib area, or the 2ndand 3rd rib. .Through the right atrium and into the intra ventricular septum and ends in the left ventricle.
Now see page 9 and you will see a body chart, which shows according to the medical examiners’ findings ,it is physically impossible for a single stab to penetrate that area, as the area described is between the 7th and 8th ribs.
Secondly there are 1500 ml of clotted blood found in the left lung of the deceased, which is 3 pints.
In addition this indicates that the heart must have pumped quite some time, after I stabbed him. And that the left ventricle could not have been penetrated, as the blood would have leaked into the chest. For it to be in the lung, it had to be pumped up there, but with a penetration of the ventricle, there would have been no blood to be pumped into the lung!
And a stab wound to the left ventricle is instantaneously fatal.
And the deceased did not die instantaneously.
He died after having waited 40 minutes for an ambulance to bring him 5 blocks away. An ambulance that I called.
The medical examiner certifies the death on 10/11/89 on page 5, yet the toxicology report is not available before 10/27/89.
By law death cannot be certified before after a toxicology report and microscopic report were in. None of these findings are to be found in the M.E.’ s report, because they were too busy having me sentenced, before any evidence of my innocence would turn up. I was already sentenced to life in jail, when those reports turned up!
On page 6 , you see both benzoylecgonine and mithorphon were found in the deceased, but no explanation as to ,what they are. Upon my research I learned Benzoylecgonine is, what cocaine is metabolized into, (see page 7) and the deceased had a lethal dose in his body.(see page 8).
The deceased had emphysematous changes in his lungs, because he was smoking cocaine in huge amounts..
These facts were not disclosed and buried.
Having shown that the M.E.’s findings as far as the pathway of the stab wound is concerned are inconsistent, I will now show you the truth.
The deceased was brought to the hospital, and a thoracotomy was performed, opening his chest to stop the bleeding.
According to the description from the operating surgeon, who performed this procedure, it was not the heart, which was penetrated, it was the apex of the aorta, above the heart! (see page 10).
Now, if the medical examiner had stated that, they would not have been able to sentence me for homicide. According to the law, it had to be an injury to the heart to be homicide!
Which is to be believed, the first finding at the operating table, or the latter, after further damage has been done by the operating team in their attempt to save the life of the deceased?
It could not be verified that he even cut the body open, usually a V-shape or Y-shape incision is made. My report has none..
In short , the medical Examiner filed a false death certificate to cooperate the charge, the District Attorney’s Office wanted to find me guilty of, murder in the 2nd.degree, and withheld/disguised all evidence that would have contradicted his findings.
There is proof that these types of autopsies have been going on for years out of the New York State Medical Examiners Offices to help the prosecutors’ offices in all 5 boroughs of the New York area!
My mother’s name is Anita Hinton of Staten Island , New York .
She can tell you how the Police Department interviewed her , that the deceased publicly was threatening to kill me the day before his death, not knowing that he was talking to my mother, took her statement and suppressed/withheld it from us to this date. It is listed nowhere. But she will testify that her statement was taken by the police.
Her phone number is: (718)442 -5634.
As I said, my evidence is overwhelming, but I am just a man without any financial means to get the message out . I need your help,. Your support. My family needs your help. Most importantly the family of the deceased needs to know the truth for them to have real closure.
And time is running out for me to have a retrial, I have to have new evidence, and as you can see, the evidence of my partner being threatened on her life by the family of the deceased the day after he died, I had in 2008. But it has to be no more than two years old to be presented in court as new evidence.
And I have that, but only until March 2010!
Please do not let me die in prison!
Without someone of authority involved ,we are just another statistic lost and forgotten in the system.
I have had my fill of punishment with 20 years in prison for a crime, that would max have warranted 1-2 years, had I had adequate counsel. I am a poor African- American ,whose story unfortunately is not unusual. From the start, no one cared: The police didn’t perform any lifesaving procedure,(look at the picture), the first ambulance left the deceased for dead, just pushing him with a foot, before leaving.
What did it matter?
It was just two blacks from the projects, who cared?
It was in the end 80’es, where huge measures were taken into use to clean up the town of what was perceived to be the root of all evil , of all crimes: The young black male.
Just look at the movie made in 1989 at that time with Charles Bronson: Death Wish profiling all black young men as hoods out to kill you.
Society certainly did want us put away!
Look at the Bernard Goetz case, where a man , white , gets away with shooting five young men, black!, in the back while fleeing from him in 1986, as self defense.
For further information I can be contacted on the address stated on the letterhead.
Please won’t you care about justice?
I thank you in advance for your time, help, and full consideration in this matter of vital importance to me and my family.
I am a man of no financial means for an attorney. My family is poor. We therefore are dismissed and justice denied us for a price tag.
We need your help. For I still believe that justice can be fulfilled .when the truth is told.
Please will you use a few minutes to deliberate, what I've written, and hopefully you will be able to see, that I do have a case worth while, that I do have a case, that is substantiated, and that I because of that will be able to reward you in plenty, when I win my case, which as you can see is easily done, if I have the right attorney.

In the hope that YOU will find it in your heart to listen to my story and help me, I remain your humble
Elijah Abdullah

Monday, July 22, 2013

One more try:
With the Trayvon Davis case, it is proven, once more, that if you are white, you are perfectly justified in killing a young, black man, because he has a reputation as being dangerous.
Which is is exactly what the Goetz case was about.
Elijah is , or was a young black man, who just defended himself, after having been threatened , harassed and attacked, and could prove it!( just look at the  exhibits at the right side  of this blog, they are all scans of the transcripts , that were denied at court) .
And yet had 25 to LIFE for it, without any mercy, without any compassion, like it was, which it was , just another case, where that sentence was a sure outcome.
Elijah had gone to the police time and again because he was being threatened and attacked by the man, he ended up killing,. and he could prove it at the time of his trial.
Because he had been at Rikers Island for a year waiting for his trial to come up.
And yet, his lawyer did not have  ONE  transcript to take to court.
And he judge said, that he wouldn’t have allowed it, if he had had them.
And BAM, life for Elijah, without any hesitation.
Just a slight irritation that he constantly said something, tried to tell the judge, that he had evidence and that his lawyer was incompetent.
He should just have shut up, because the outcome was already decided!
That is the difference between when a young, black, (dangerous) man is sentenced as opposed to a white man!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

This blog is made in the hope,that someone will someday read about Elijah’s case, and realise that something has gone terribly wrong, that a man, who merely acted out of fear in selfdefense against a man , who had threatened and terrorised him , has been wrongly convicted.
He called the police numerous times because this man had threatened him on his life, physically assaulted him , followed him, and yet, in spite of these facts having been known to the defenselawyer AND the judge, evidence of this harassment was denied in court, Elijah convicted of 2nd degree murder.
Elijah was convicted as such, because the judge used the Goetz case, in which a WHITE  man got away with shooting 5 young black men, by being deemed justified in being afraid of the young, black men, as they had a reputation as predators.
As Elijah was  NOT  ALLOWED  to present any ACTUAL evidence, that could have helped him claim self-defence, it was easy for the prosecution to threaten a witness to say, that the deceased had a reputation as a good guy, even though he was known in the neighbourhood as a violent bully,and against whom Elijah’s partner had a restraining order.
But as Goetz case was founded on the fact that Goetz was justified in feeling afraid of young , black men, as they had a reputation as predators, Elijah was sentenced according to this, against which he had no defense.
Actually he had no defence. It is well known, that blacks are given public defence lawyers, that are completely overburdened, and who do no work on their cases.
They have no experience.
When they get that, they go on to private companies, that will pay them a proper salary, and they have up to a thousand cases at a time.
Just try and read “ The New Jim Crow” by Michele Alexander, a law professor, who says that exactly at the time of Elijah’s conviction, the war on drugs was used as an excuse to imprison young black men in the millions.
The size of the prison population swelled from 200000 to two million during Clinton’s presidency, because he literally took the war out of the hands of the Republicans , by intensifying it.
Here she describes ,how poor blacks are given these overburdened , incompetent public defence lawyers.
As Elijah’s lawyer, who had the case for a year, and had not acquired just one transcript of Elijah calling the police complaining about the deceased.
And even worse: When Elijah told the judge about them, he said ,that he would not allow them into court, even if the lawyer had them.
Off the record , of course.
That the witness was threatened, Elijah showed by finding, that on the day,where he led to the judge’ attention , that she was a criminal, and therefore not liable in court, a fax was sent to the prosecution’s office, saying that she had a 10 page rap sheet.
Which the prosecution then went to court saying, that they had no knowledge of.
Even though they had just received it.
The transcript is among the papers on this page.
Elijah was convicted because he was a young BLACK man.
Like Trayvon Martin.
Racial bias has put a disproportionate part of the male, black population in jail.
That is a fact, which no one are owning up to, or which people just say, that they can’t do anything about.
The stop and search routine is to be stopped in England, as it is found to be racially biased, and of no use.
But in the US everyone just looks at Elijah’s and so many other black mens’ cases and shrug their shoulders.
It is not them, there are too many etc.
The Trayvon case has finally proven with total clarity that racial bias is ravaging the courts , and that we should all try and realise this, because it is not done out of malice, it is just a mechanism, that is as old as history itself, made to protect ourselves.
And then we should try and change it.
But without realising it , we cannot change it.
This is the point one of the defence lawyers of O.J. Simpson , please read this  the article from CNN, written by O. J. Simpson’s defence lawyer, Gabriel, about racial bias and prejudice. it is in Exhibit 13, because it is so wise.
Going back to the Goetz case, the jury consisted of a disproportionate part of people , who had been robbed , and therefore could identify with Goetz in his fear of young , black men.
Just as the jury could identify with Zimmerman.
Just as the mainly white jury could NOT identify with Elijah.
Or with thousands, millions of other black men in prison, having had mainly or purely white juries.
Just try and read Elijah’s case. the summary is in Exhibit 12!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

This is beautiful picture of a “ house artist “ at Buffalo Museum of Art, you can see a retrospective of her entire development through 60 years or more, this a beautiful example from one time in her career.
I just read about a mafia boss, who has gotten arrested, and is on trial at the moment.
Another killer from the MoB is mentioned, as he is famous.
Just look at what Wikipedia writes about him:
That man killed 20 people , they were all contract killings, and he got away with 11 years in prison.
What kind of justice is it, that the US uses, when they calmly let a completely coldblooded murderer go free after 11 years, and yet keep others in jail for their entire life, because they are afraid, that they will reoffend again, which will reflect back on them and their chances of getting reelected?
Why were they not afraid of releasing this guy?
I think, that it has got to do with racism. He is white, they can identify with him, where as minorities make them uneasy, as most parole boards are white.
Another thing, it made me think of, is this:
They let this guy go, because he confessed and helped with their investigation.
But how guilty do you then think a guy is, who maintains his innocence, in spite of being threatened with jail for the rest of his life, as opposed to confessing and getting away with a much lesser sentence!
That is what has happened to Elijah: If he had admitted to murder one, maybe he would have gotten off lighter than his life sentence, maintaining and even being able to prove , that he was being threatened by the guy he ended up killing.
But noone gives a damn.
He can have as much proof as he likes, because every one are looking for someone to help them, and so many are jailed without proof, that it is hopeless!
We just hope, that maybe some day, there will be someone, who actually can help him, will read this, and contact him.
Not just promise , and do nothing.
Because they are there too.
And the ones just wanting money, and doing nothing are more numerous.
They even swab addresses of poor prisoners , who have paid them for having absolutely nothing, to others , who then take over with more promises, and even higher claims.
And the lawyers, who will all take his case for 5000 Dollars, and then 5000 more, and so forth.
Prisoners are being exploited every where.
But look at mr. Martorano.
11 years for 20 murders.
That is immoral!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Please remember, that Elijah’s entire case is described in the first post from 2009, and his own legal appeal is under Exhibit 11.
But I will talk about the then partner of Elijah.Her name is Judit Baron. In Exhibit 5 you will see the court transcript, where she is being asked, if the deceased ever visited her after his release from jail 3 weeks before his death.
And she answers: “ He never got the chance to. No, he didn’t visit”, but you can see the police transcript of her phone call to the police complaining, that he is standing on her doorstep!
And informing the officer that she even had an order of protection against him.
So why did she then say in court, that he never got to visit her? 
If you look on Exhibit 6,you will see one of the reasons:Another phone transcript from the police   made right after the incident, where she complains that the mother and the sister of the deceased had called her, and threatened her on her life, saying: “You’re a dead bitch”.
Was that the reason, why she lied in court?
Because you see, that transcript never turned up until 2008!
Even though Elijah had a court order issued against the precinct to hand over all transcripts of phone calls made by  his partner in 1991, that didn’t help.
Not until Elijah wrote them again in 2008, did they hand it over.
Because Elijah never will give up.
Why did they not hand it over until 18 years after the first request, and even defying a court order?
I don’t know, it may be too far out, but could it be, that the officers in question now have retired?
You can also see on the court transcript, that when the defense lawyer asks her, if the deceased had written her and threatened her from jail, it is stopped by the prosecutor and sustained by the court.
Like all the other questions which could prove that  the deceased had threatened them ,which were stopped by the prosecution and sustained by the court.
Everything:  Also:Did the deceased deal drugs: Stopped. 
Did the deceased provide Elijah’s partner with drugs? Stopped!
Is there really noone , who will take Elijah’s case.
Surely it must be so obvious, that something rotten was going on during that trial.

Please God, let a lawyer take Elijah’s case pro bono.

The drawing is not of an old Irishman drinking aways his sorrow in the pub, this is a beautiful woman in cafe.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Today, I will just talk about, how the police and prosecution have me wondering. If you look at Exhibit 9, you will see a Google map photo of the place where the incident took place. You can see, they are houses, with a green area between them, and greeneries and scrubs between the houses in the green area. Though it is 25 years ago, a concrete table and seats for children are still there. I was there two years ago and took some photos from where the incident took place, over towards the windows , where the “Eyewitnesses “ were. You can see, that they are really far away, and that some trees and scrubs are actually in the way for them seeing anything, and for certain, they were also prevented from hearing what people were talking about at that distance.
But the most puzzling question is: There were about 22 people standing at that place with Elijah and the deceased, and not one was being questioned!!!
Why was that?
They were still there, when the ambulances arrived.
The daughter of Elijah’s partner was there, and has told him , what happened when the ambulances  arrived, and yet, all she could say in court was: “ I don’t know” .
And as she was only 13 years old, it was accepted.
But she was the only one present, who was questioned in court.
Where were the others?
Why were they not questioned?
Or if that simply doesn’t sound plausible, and it of course doesn’t ring true, where are those interviews?
And why didn’t that daughter know anything?
Was she told by her mother not to say anything?
Her mother who was threatened on her life by the family of the deceased immediately after the incident.
More about that tomorrow.

Please God let a pro bono lawyer take on Elijah’s case.

The picture is from a cafe.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

These days I have a little time for writing, so I have now written for 3 days in a row. Remember what this blog is about? 
It is about Elijah, who has now been in jail for 24 years for murder 2, after his plea of self-defence was denied. Denied meaning that though he had the evidence ,which you can see in the exhibits to the left of this page, he was not allowed to present them. Which he couldn’t anyway, because though his lawyer had his case for a year, he had done nothing on his case, and turned up totally unprepared. Elijah has himself acquired all the transcripts of the times , he contacted the police complaining of being attacked by the deceased.And threatened. 

But as you can read in Michele Alexander’s Book: "A new Jim Crow”, Elijah was given the harshest sentence , because society not only wanted all young black men in jail, then they were secure, but they were also an important part of an economic strategy started by  Reagan , but brought  down by Clinton in full on the black community to strengthen the greater economy of society. Those prisons and all the jobs they brought with them ,secured that the wheels again started turning after the harsh 80’es.
The prison population swelled from 200.000 to 2million in Clinton’s time!
How many jobs did that not mean?
Prisons had to be built, staff hired.
And the black and brown population were the ones filling the prisons. 

I’m not saying that that is how it is today, today those jobs are a burden on the economy and efforts are made to cut back and close prisons,just as the new economic crisis has also opened the eyes of the wider population , that many unjust convictions were made.
And Elijah is one of them.
Just consider: A massmurderer like Son of Sam had 20 to life, Elijah had 25 to life.
Mark Chapman, who murdered John Lennon for fame alone, had 20 to life, Elijah had 25 to life.
Even though Elijah pleaded with the judge, telling him that his evidence did exist, that he was threatened on his life by the deceased.

Just read the first post from 2009, and first of all look at all the evidence, that Elijah has acquired himself,(for his lawyer couldn’t be bothered)
 Which is substantiated by the police.
After all , they are the ones, who have written those transcripts.
And please God, let a lawyer take Elijah’s case pro bono!
My drawings are often made in a local pub. I live in an old Irish neighbourhood in London, and the persons I draw, are all old Irish, who now come for their daily pint(s), longing for Ireland, that they cannot afford to go back to,  also because their entire families, children and grandchildren are here.